April 7, 2009

Okefenokee & Virginia

Here are a few of the photos I am working on and considering putting on display for sale at the annual Crawfish Festival here on the last weekend of the month. This is only my second time doing this and there will be thousands of people there sampling the good food, the music and checking out the great variety of items on display and for sale.

I realize this has turned into a photo blog recently but soom I'll be back to posting what I am writing. Please bear with me. And there are more new photos posted at The Bosom Serpent.


Victoria said...

those are incredible!
your own photos?
what program did you photoshop them with?

November In My Soul said...


Thank you for your very kind remark. Yes these are my photos and I posted about 15 others over on The Bosom Serpent.

They were modified with Photoshop and Photoscape. I am very much a novice with both and can do some things in one that I can't do in the other. The technical stuff and being able to edit as well as I would like are definetely my weak points.

s-p said...

Very nice. I'll check out Bosom Serpent. As far as I'm concerned you can keep posting photos AND writing, you have a gift for both.

Anonymous said...

As the last commentator wrote, you do have a talent for both, and I am happy to see either: and these photos are truly amazing.