July 27, 2007

A Dream Come True

Much change has occurred since my last posting. My family (finally) sold the small three bedroom home we had lived in for 9 years and purchased an older home. We had simply outgrown the old residence. There were many good memories there but there were also some that were a constant source of emotional irritation. In adddition the neighborhood had grown up around us. Walking the dog at night was taking your life into your hands. Vehicles flew through the neighborhood at warp speed.

The new (but 50 year old) house is in the county seat of about 1,500 souls. As I sit here now I can see the trees in my front yard and the wonderful red brick home across the street. At the old house I would simply have to stare at the wall. The county courthouse is close enough that I could hit it with a rock. I can walk to work in about 2 minutes. The new house was for many years a Baptist parsonage so there is a warm, comforting spirit to the place. Here we have four bedrooms, a study, a family room, two baths and a half acre yard.

The move was for me a dream come true. My eight year old daughter is still struggling with the change. The old home was the only one she had ever known. She'll adapt quickly. My wife had many reservations from the very first day. I saw that the house was for sale and dragged her with me to go see it. I saw potential. She saw poblems. Thankfully, she too is coming around. As we unpack and settle in I will hopefully have more time to write.