April 26, 2009

First Tentative Steps

Well the Crawfish Festival is finally over. It was a long day starting at 4:00 a.m. and ending at about 6:30 p.m. My wife and daughters and two of my daughter's friends helped a great deal to ease the burden.

Many people stopped by to browse and many had positive comments about the photos on display. I displayed a little of everything from abstract to landscape just to see what the reaction would be. I was surprised when most people responded to the more abstract works, especially the black and white. It’s what I tend to be drawn to as well, but I thought popular taste would run differently.

I sold four photos and recouped the fee to set up a booth at the festival. No profit was made but I actually sold my art. I have seen my photos in the local newspapers many times of fires, wrecks etc. which I took with the access afforded by my last job. This felt very different. This was more satisfying knowing the photos will hang in someone’s home.

This photo got the greatest response. I printed it as an 11x14 to get a better sense of scale. People seemed to sense it was saying something about the Church standing unconquered.

The first customers (a married couple) purchased these two. These are two of my favorites.

The second customer purchased these two. I guess she likes sunsets.

Next weekend it’s on the even bigger Shrimp Festival just south of here in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Thank all of you for your prayers. I am feeling better and am hopefully on the mend.


DebD said...

I like those black and white ones too and am glad the festival went well.

Ian said...

Congratulations! Thanks be to God.

And wonderful news about you feeling better too: continued prayers.

s-p said...

Very cool. I remember when I sold my first pieces of art, there is something very validating about it, and it is nice to know you have a part of you joining the life of another person.

King of Peace said...

I didn't get to the festival this year. But I like seeing what interested folks and what they bought. The downside is seeing reactions to your work. But the great thing about selling art in shows is also that you see reactions to your work and meet the people who buy it. It is a strong statement in favor of your work when someone wants it hanging in their home to see daily for years and years.