October 10, 2008

Prison Blues

This my second attempt at making a video and my first posted here. The song is obviously not my creation but is Keb' Mo' performing his cover version of Johnny Cash's classic Folsom Prison Blues.

The images and poor production values are all mine.


Dixie said...

Absolutely loved it! Especially liked those occasional frames with the old movie flicker in them. Music was GREAT, too. So what software did you use to create this? Thanks for sharing it.

Best photo? Loads of great ones but the one that struck me was of the glazed window which looked like a cross in the center and two other brown crosses reflected in the blinds behind it. You have a great eye in addition to your exceptional writing skills.

November In My Soul said...


Thank you for your very kind and generous remarks.

I got started with this while trying to make a video montage of photos from work for a friend who got a job working fot NCIS.

I really like this version of Folsom Prison Blues but it was difficult to find images to go along with it. The cross photo has gone through several transformations but this one seemed to fit the context of the song and the other images.

I used Windows Movie Maker. Fairly easy to use but I suspect I will soon want something that gives more control. The flickering movie feature is particularly interesting and you can combine it with other modifications.

Again, thank you for taking the time to comment. You were the very first to offer praise for my writing on the blog and I greatly appreciate it.

s-p said...

You have done Keb Mo justice. I LOVE his stuff. Very nice, very nice.