October 6, 2008

Whisper Book On The Purple Cloud

My daughter created these masterpieces on the front of the refrigerator this evening. For the better part of an hour she just let the logical world fall away and and gave way to the delights of word play. I of course did everything I could to keep from interupting her.


King of Peace said...

"Show me mirror
upon my love
with magic change
little truth and
bring girl here."

Sounds something like Sleeping Beauty. But I also quite enjoyed:

"Prince Hot Pool, his town is for being silly princess beauty."

Who wouldn't want to visit his town?

Thanks for sharing.

Philippa said...

Wow! Those are really neat!

Thanks for sharing them.

claire (not my real name) said...

Thanks alot I enjoyed making them!

Ian said...

Very nice indeed; thanks for sharing from me too.