May 6, 2009

Strange Reflections

These photos of the reflection of clouds in the Satilla River were taken this afternoon. They have been cropped and the colors tweaked as I was going for the look of Earth as seen from space with the clouds perhaps as continents, sort of like Google Earth. I am always looking for ways to bridge the gap between the written and visual arts so I superimposed some text on the photos. Click on them to enlarge them and you will be able to see the text. I am very interested in what you think. Is this interesting? Does it enhance or detract from the photos?

I just realized that the bottom photo does look look a map with name places on it until it is enlarged to see what the text really says. Very interesting.


DebD said...

great work. I agree that the bottom one does look strangely familiar. ;)

Victoria said...

the first one is my favourite.
both for the colours and the text.
very captivating.