May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To The Artist

This photo was taken when Sophia was about 5 or 6.

Our youngest daughter Sophie celebrated her tenth birthday yesterday. She is very much an artist and took these photos on the way home from school yesterday. I will post some of her other photos at The Bosom Serpent.

Sophie is a wonderful child who enjoys playing her Nintendo DS, her Wii, dancing, reading Archie comics, her 40+ Webkinz, being goofy and taking her best friend Bunny everywhere. Sophie, is loving, tender hearted and a joy to be around. The Lord has blessed us with such a treasure.

It is very hard to believe that next year she will be a fifth grader. She is growing tall and slender with blue eyes, fair skin, freckles and increasingly thick blonde hair. Sophie is very proud to be into double digits but insists that she is still very much a kid. We agree and hope she stays that way for a very long time.


elizabeth said...

Many years to her! I still remember turning 10... was overwhelmed that I would be in the double digits for the next 90 years; of course I did not think about that after 100 the three digits would be for over 900 years! :) 10 is a really special age.

Beautiful photo of her - I esp. love the top one.

DebD said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother's Day baby. Mine turns 18 on Sunday. If our youngest had been a girl we would have named him Sophia - I love that name. May years to your 10 yr old.

Victoria said...

awww. that first photo is brilliant!
I love how you've captured her motion. it seems to express what you say she is. all spirit and liveliness. so lovely.
and many years to your sweet one!

Anonymous said...

Many, many years!

And a beautiful girl indeed.

Fr. James Early said...

Happy birthday and many years to her!