March 4, 2009

The Evil Inside

Let me start by saying that the previous post, This Means War, was ill thought out and inappropriate. Posting the contents of this nightmare, that could have only have come from an evil place, was an act of pride. Instead of remembering that I am the chief of sinners it actually crossed my mind during the writing that I must really be "good" if Satan is coming after me this hard.

Using the dream for blogger fodder served no good purpose except as a lesson in how to handle matters of this sort in the future. I should have drawn no attention to it (or myself), prayed for protection/mercy and taken the matter to my spiritual Father. Forgive me for bringing this evil before you and for using the dream to draw attention to myself. Thank you all for your comments and for continuing to visit despite my shortcomings.


Anonymous said...

I can but offer my unworthy prayers as you continue to work through this with your Spiritual Father. God bless.

s-p said...

It was worth the insight: "I'm so spiritual, I'm sooo under attack"... Ego is manifested in such subtle ways. Been there, done that (still do...sigh). On the other hand, you just might be under attack.