February 17, 2009

Midnight Musings

It is a quiet evening. I am in the study having just returned from taking the oldest daughter back to college. Wifey and youngest daughter are safe, warm and sleeping. The lethargy/depression of the past few weeks seems to finally be lifting. I actually slept last night. Just a few nights ago I was up at 3:45 a.m. wide awake.

Today I was in the yard with my daughter painting one of my old sculptures and constructing a new one in the front yard. I wonder what the neighbor will think of that. I've been watching the Ovation channel on TV and they have some very interesting shows about artists (thankfully) outside the mainstream “ART” world who do some of the same type stuff I’ve done over the years. I’ve made mobiles and sculptures out of coat hangers and other assorted wire, I’ve made sculptures out of post-it notes and cardboard, I’ve painted several decent painting (my wife loathes one of them and it is doomed to living behind the door), I have made a piece that tries the bridge the gap between painting and story telling, I’ve taken lots of photos and I’ve done a little writing. I guess seeing these other artists and how they are treated with respect shone a little light into my dim brain. Forgive me if it sounds like I’m boasting. I’ve always felt a need to create and it just manifests itself in many ways.

Too late to write more but next up will be, Lord I believe. Forgive my unbelief.


Fr. James Early said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, my friend.

Dixie said...

Hey NiMS, I live near Watkinsville, GA, which is a haven for local artists. We frequently have well attended art shows in the community. Southworks is a show coming up in May I believe. Then we have Oconee County Arts Festival (OCAF)...at least once a year...our parish sells Greek pastries at this event.

Maybe it would be interesting for you to show some of your work at a local art festival. (My priest does it as well.) They are social events as well so can be quite fun plus you would be around other like-minded artists. Well...not completely like-minded as in the shows the artists tend to run the spectrum on spirituality! Can you say "quartz crystals"? :D

Sorry to hear you were down in the dumps but happy to learn the fog is lifting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and praise for the lifting of the fog; I know that feeling and I pray you continue to sleep well and feel better.

November In My Soul said...

Fr, James, thank you.

Dixie, I had never considered any of this before. Wonderful idea. You may have planted a dangerous seed.

Ian, thank you for your kind words as well. I was thinking about you today and about how kind you always are. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing how your life is very much like life here but in some ways different. I thank God for all this technology so we can bridge the gap of time and distance so easily and make friends around the world.

Victoria said...

I would love to see pictures of your sculptures and art.
my daughter is a brilliant, budding young artist and is constantly being amazed and inspired by those who pursue their art in the many different avenues their lives wander down.
my husband was also once an artist. he does not have the opportunity to create in the way he once used to, but his avenues have taken him in other directions, not to be maligned...