September 29, 2008

Bifröst - The Tremulous Way

These photos were taken near, or of, a bridge a few blocks from work. Even in the mundane everydayness the beauty is out there.

In Norse mythology Bifröst is the name of the rainbow bridge linking Midgard (our world) to Asgard (realm of the gods). To my Orthodox brothers and sisters, fear not. I am not a neo-pagan but I have long been a student of mythology (especially Norse). I find the stories, the images, the culture to be endlessly fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Mythology is indeed fascinating. Though my knowledge is very poor.

Great photos: what does the bridge link? Or cross?

November In My Soul said...

This is the Godley Bridge that spans the Satilla River. On the south bank where the photos were taken is the county seat of Woodbine. On the north bank is North End of the county which is (for now) sparcely populated.

One of the things I like about the bridge is that it is very close to home and to work and there is a boardwalk that goes under it linking the city dock and boat ramp with an old railroad right of way that has been converted to a nice greenway for walking and bike riding.

Most bridges of this size don't have such easy access to the underside.

I know bringing in the mythological aspect is a bit strange.