August 29, 2008

A Gathering Of The Brethren


DebD said...

Lovely photos, but sad to think about what the gathering was probably for.

p.s. I'm sorry you had to take down your story, but completely understand the need to do so.

November In My Soul said...


This is an annual gathering of Georgia peace officers and our brethren across the state line in Florida. It is an annual labor Day event called Hands Across The Border and is aimed at urging motorists to slow down and drive carefully. There will be a LOT of tickets written over the three days.

Each year we meet at one of the two welcome stations (this year we started in georgia) for the first part of the ceremony then caravan to the other welcome station for the conclusion. One of my favorite parts of the day is seeing more than a hundred vehicles lined up with all their blue lights flashing. It gives the interstate travelers a bit of a surprise.

Seeing so many law enforcement folks from so many different agencies is heart warming. There is a very real sense of brotherhood and friendship.

As for the story I am very hard at work behind the scenes. Writing this book feels right and seems to almost write itself. Perhaps one day we'll see it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble. If encouragement from friends is a barometer it will be a runaway best seller.

Anonymous said...

Moving photos...and what a wonderful cause for a get-together. My prayers that all heed their warnings and words.

And my prayers for you as you continue to write.