April 11, 2008

Old Blue Bridge

This photo was taken on the old two-lane blue bridge that spans the St. Marys River with the north end anchored in Georgia and the south end anchored in Florida. Earlier this week there was an accident on the bridge (almost perfectly on the state line) involving a pickup truck, a tractor trailer and a small car. Fortunately no one was killed but one of the drivers suffered a very broken leg.

It is an old bridge that was repainted and refurbished just a few years ago. The steel bridge is a landmark in the community, a literal bridge to the history and heritage of the county. Only once have I seen it open to river traffic. It is hand cranked and pivots in the middle until the entire span is parallel with the river.

I really like this photo. The surface is fractured yet the structure of the bridge is still reflected. Perhaps this is an apt metaphor of us all as we our journey through life to salvation. We may be cracked, scarred and imperfect yet we are still becoming the image of our Maker.

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