April 19, 2008

My Brother Baptized

I found out this week that my brother Terry was baptized last Sunday at All Saints of North America. I have written about Terry and the adversities he overcame at Strength and Honor. The story of how this came about and how he was introduced to Orthodoxy is much too complicated to address in this posting. I am overjoyed to have my brother in blood become my brother in Christ.

These photos were taken earlier today after the Divine Liturgy. They don't really have much to do with Lazarus Saturday but I like how they turned out.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and many, many years to Terry!

And great photos -- particularly the last: and a beautiful church.

King of Peace said...

Thanks be to God for Terry receiving the gift of Christ's death and resurrection. The steps to Theosis begin—with two brothers now on that ultimate journey.

A wonderful early gift for Pascha. How cool is that!


DebD said...

Congratulations and welcome home to your brother. That must have been wonderful news to hear.

Christ is Risen!