February 9, 2010

I Know A Man

I know a man who has a daughter. She is a woman-child, grown but unready. She is beautiful and bright, a father’s dream. It is an unsteady relationship. His father abandoned him and for a time her father abandoned her. He tries his best to do right. Raw, she struggles to set her own course but runs aground again and again.

Well into middle years the father struggled to steer. He sought a sure current but his battered, tattered sails tore in the blow. Time and again he altered course but still the storm held. He sailed into the swirl, spilled and only just broke the surface. He learned to work the oars, to steer, to tack.

The woman-child now suffers. The roar of the past permeates/envelops at every point. She is blind to the storm approaching and sails an erratic course, seeking a safe harbor but finding only choppy water and more rocky shores.  No anchor, no calm, no still.

From his safe moorings he watches her struggle to trim the sail but again and again the ropes foul. He longs to pilot as she is no hand at the tiller.

His cries to her to take to the oars, to save herself as he cannot. Too late. The child plunges unprepared into the maelstrom. He prays please right yourself, navigate the gale.  Too late.

I know a man. He has a daughter. She is lost.
I know a man. He lost a daughter.
He is lost.


DebD said...

That is heartbreaking William. Lord have mercy!

Philippa said...

I know a woman who lost a son. She prayed and prayed. He was found.

Kyrie Elesion.

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy. May the Good Shepherd find all who are lost.

Victoria said...

oh wow.
so so heartbreaking.

s-p said...

That which is lost can always be found. That which is broken can be healed. In God's time and in His ways...

James the Thickheaded said...

Ditto Philippa.

And some of those we think are lost are not but only hidden for a while, a while they might need. Of those we think are safe... oft they're the ones we need to worry about.

My prayers for you both.

Anonymous said...

Lord, have mercy.

Heartbreaking as DebD wrote.

My unworthy prayers.