October 9, 2009

Fort Clinch

These photos were taken a week or so ago at Fort Clinch on Amelia Island, the northernmost of Florida’s barrier islands. We were there for a field trip/picnic. As with most structures this old it lends itself well to being photographed.

More photos of the fort are available at The Bosom Serpent.


margaret said...

These are great. The third one made me think of a Kaffe Fasset quilt and then I remembered that in his introduction to his first knitting book he had said, speaking of colour and texture, that he was fascinated by old brickwork. Do you mind if I save this photo? I'd like to try to recreate it in fabric some day.

November In My Soul said...


I would be honored if you were able to use the photo in your creative endeavors. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Could you tell me how you found your way to my blog?

Miss Ticwitch said...

Hey Will,
The photos are fantastic! I love the window photo esp. Was wondering how it wouold turn out when you took it. Thanks for posting! I think the Florida Parks Service sponsors an annual photography contest. Let me google for a moment...
Yep! Here's the link:


(In case you're interested!)

Hope to see you all again soon,


s-p said...

Good eyes! I love old brickwork and arches. They are a lost art. Beautiful pre-fabs too.