August 4, 2009


Sunset over the Satilla River.

I am still here and alive and well despite my often feeling to the contrary. A few updates are in order.

My father in law is still with us and improving every day from his open heart surgery. Today he walked from here to the river and back. He goes back to see his surgeon in a few days.

I start home schooling my daughter tomorrow. Please pray for all of us especially my wife who is a teacher and would do just about anything to trade places with me. The first day of classes for her are also tomorrow (Wednesday). We'll see how all this works out.

I started back training in aikido after a hiatus. My daughter has attended twice and may continue. It feels very good to be back in the dojo. I had not realized how big a void it fills.

My oldest daughter goes back to college in a week or so. We hope and pray it goes well.

The first two photos on the previous post are my brothers and I along with my daughter and her cousin on The Skyline Drive looking east over my old hometown of Waynesboro, VA. The lights in the distance are fireworks, hundreds and hundreds of fireworks going off all over the Shenandoah Valley. It was beautiful and moving.

The bottom photo is yours truly with three of my siblings and our mother. It was really good to see my oldest brother Robert (beside me wearing the bunny ears) who I had not laid eyes on in more than a decade. Here is proof that I am the better looking one and the smartest. He is also shorter and balder, but he knows we all love him. Sadly our youngest sister could not attend the gathering due to an ongoing personality issue. It's sad but it's really hard to get all of us together in the same place for any length of time without sparks flying.

I will post when I can. I really miss the days when I could post well written reflections on my life and an occasional piece of fiction. This blog has sunk oh so low.


Ian Climacus said...

I do not see it as sinking; it is a joy and blessing to hear from you when you are able. You do have a lot going on.

Be assured of my prayers ascending from Down Under for all your needs.

Dixie said...

I feel the same way about my blog but I haven't been able to pull the plug yet. I don't know that I will either...there are reasons I still keep it.

If your daughter is at school in Athens...let me know. She could have our number in the event she needs anything.

It is interesting how things happen to put us in places we never dreamed. All are opportunities to grow in our union in Christ. Should be an interesting time for you. Let us know!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I too am glad to read the updates on your family.

My prayers for all of you as the new school year starts for you......

elizabeth said...

All things in good time. I like your blog and enjoy hearing what is going on for you.

We have ideals and then we have real life; I think I enjoy reading about real life just as much as I do reading something with more intentionality.

Besides, it is comforting just to hear of another's life and struggles; we are together accross miles struggling with the help of God.

DebD said...

What everyone else said. It's always good to hear from you.

Good luck with homeschooling. There's an Orthodox homeschool email group that is fairly active (we even have a dad or two over there). PM me over at FB if you're interested.

s-p said...

Ah, blog slacker! LOL! Its the natural ebb and flow of blogging, I've almost given mine up several times. I'm on a roll now but next week, who knows. An update now and then is cool.