May 18, 2008

Dancing In The Dark

This is not my daughter but I took this photo last evening at her (my daughter's) annual dance recital. It's been interesting watching her grow and become a better dancer every year. As with most kids the first couple of years it was pretty much either lock up from stage fright or mimic what the dance instructor was doing off stage in the wings (which nevertheless makes your heart swell with pride). This year she looked so mature and confident. She is growing up much too fast.

I am in the middle of an eight week photography class and this photo is testament to a terrific instructor/photographer. I have really enjoyed learning more about the technical aspects of taking a decent photo. I am certainly nowhere near as proficient as I would like to be but prior to this class I would have shot a lot of photos (with and without flash) and just hoped for the best. Without the class I could never have taken this photo.


DebD said...

I'm still in the "click and hope for the best" stage. This photo is stunning.

Patrick said...

Wonderful photo! Ballet affords an amazing opportunity for very dramatic photos. The lighting, action, poses and costumes all come together very nicely.