May 7, 2007

Eight Years Old Today

Today is my youngest daughter's (Sophia) eighth birthday. Over the weekend one of her paintings entitled "Rain Storm" won a ribbon at a local art show/festival and we went to the beach which is never far away literally and figuratively. Enjoy the photos.

Also, I am done making changes to the blog. I am very happy with this theme. I was tired of the blogger templates and needed to come up with something at least semi original. Please let me know what you think.

And finally, for no good reason at all, my view when being walked by the dogs.


Steve J. said...

Tell Sophia happy birthday from the Johnsons. God grant you many years Sophia!

DebD said...

Happy Birthday to your youngest and many years!

I love that one photo that was enhanced/changed. Is that with photoshop?

Jfred said...

I've never chimed in before. I love this blog and always look forward to your new postings. Nice job on the new look too.

Please keep the updates coming!

King of Peace said...

Congratulations Sophia, on the birthday and on the ribbon.

Congratulations November on updating the look. It's less Generic Blogger and more you, which is a good thing. I love the woodcuts!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Many, Many Years to Sophia!
And a wonderful painting (and photos) too: congrats Sophia on the ribbon.

November In My Soul said...

Thanks. We'll probably see you soon.

That was not PhotoShop but simply part of the Kodak software that comes with the camera. I removed the photo because Sophia (and her friends) was too recognizable and that makes both my wife and I a little nervous. I will figure out a way to re-post it.

Your comments came at a key moment and inspired me to keep slogging on. Some days I just want to stop.

Thanks for everything.

Thanks for taking the time to comment from the far side of the world.